About us

About Us

STS Medical Group is an International Group and a leading European player specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and custom procedure trays (CPT) designed and customized for surgical theaters.
Today, STS totals 6 Companies across Europe, including a major production hub located in Bulgaria.
STS Medical Group operates in 4 business areas:

– Surgical Customized Procedural Kits (CPTs)
– CPT Components: Drapes, Gowns & Gauze
– Protective Clothing
– Medical Devices for Surgical Theaters

The Group is one of the largest European manufacturers specialized in the development of products for hospital clothing and CPTs. The Bulgarian Manufacturing Hub (BMH) is located in Sandanski, Southern Bulgaria, consists of two production units, and boasts outstanding technology consistent with the latest technical and hygienic requirements.

STS Medical Group is owned by Monitor Clipper Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston (Massachusetts) and Zurich (Switzerland) and Luxembourg, and Augusto Orsini, an executive with over 25 years of experience in the surgical theater solutions market.