STS Medical Group believes in the importance of employee training. Every year, each company offers its employees the possibility to attend specific courses and customized trainings, able to help each individual in their work and daily life.

An initial training session covering our specific production requirements (medical devices) is mandatory for every new employee hired in the Group.

Here are some examples of training programs that are customized both for our employees’ needs and specific areas of expertise:

  • Management of supply and work with suppliers
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business Planning
  • Human Resources Management
  • Labor safety
  • Manufacturing training (component, table, machinery, control, lock)
  • QS training on hygiene rules
  • English courses
  • Leadership seminars

Regular training sessions are held in our plants on hygiene rules as well as occupational and health safety.

Every year, new training courses are proposed according to the specific needs of the employees and to the most recent global working standards.

Our employees are provided with special training programs that allow STS Medical Group to be endorsed with the most important certifications of the sector.