TranspareNcy in cuStom Procedure tray: a must haVe

Business agreements are filled with choices. Before taking a decision you evaluate all available options. Since its foundation STS Medical Group has believed there’s one decision that is essential and non-negotiable: transparency. This is a key element to drive sustainability in healthcare.
This ethical practice of doing business assures:
– availability and accessibility of health information
– safety and sustainability
– higher quality of care
– optimized capital investment and operating costs
– reduced waste
– improved labour and asset utilization
– trust
That’s why STS today, after having been the first company to start manufacturing CPTs in Germany more than 30 years ago in 1982, it is the first in the market to strongly highlight the transparency impact of adopting article 12 compared to article 11 of EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in the management of CPTs. By adopting article 12, STS assures customers that there are no behind-the-scenes product substitutions or other gimmicks to enhance our profit margin.
STS customers, thanks to the fully transparent labels, are always in control of the contents in any CPT and small kit.
What you choose is what you get!

TranspareNcy Starts on Sts cptS laBel

Secu-Tray is STS’s product line for Custom Procedure Trays (CPTs). In advance of EU Regulation, STS has decided to upgrade the quality and quantity of information listed on the labels of its products to provide the highest level of transparency in the CPT market.
In fact, Secu-Tray CPT labels offer the highest level of transparency for each component of any CPT in the European market.
On Secu-Tray labels, the user can immediately see the product name, article code, original manufacturer, CE mark and the notified body, if required.
Making components transparent at this level puts the customer in control – replacing items without explicit customer approval is not possible.
The Secu-Tray CPT label ensures that the customer is always in control of all medical devices in a CPT, thereby creating a higher-quality surgical procedure and enhancing patient protection.

Transparency beNefits

Components is clearly CE marked and the original manufacturer is visible on the label.

No silent changes of components from set packer side are possible.

Regulatory safety in the light of new MDR (approved by EU Parliament last April 2017) as only certified medical devices are used in sets.

What you choose is what you get:  you are in control!